5 Steps to Hiring the Best Employee for Your Small Business in Malaysia

5 steps to hiring the best employee for your small business in Malaysia


One of the crucial stages of running a business is to hire preferable employees for the company. It often gets challenging to recognize the right candidate for the designation. More often it is seen that lack of skill or experience in the designated sectors may cause company downfalls. Human resource teams of various renowned companies around the world follow numbers of tips and tricks. Malaysian companies are no different. HR staffs of the various well-known companies here follow various steps when recruiting employees for their companies. If you are looking for the right employees for your company in Malaysia, you should stick around.

This article explains about 5 steps of hiring an efficient and skilled candidate for your small business in the land of Malay.

Strategic development of recruitment checklist

The very fast step of hiring a capable employee is to build up an efficient recruitment checklist. Without proper strategic hiring process, you can’t expect to get a good staff for your company. A proper hiring process, however, is not a simple task. A well-equipped hiring process requires a well-trained HR department, proper board meetings to share intelligence. Such a share of thinking and brainstorming among existing company departments beforehand fortifies the checklist. Such a pre-arranged checklist later on aids the fine employee recruitment process.

Publish job description

Once fixed with the recruitment checklist, it’s time to publish the job description. The job description describes requirements and categories a company is looking forward to a particular candidate. This will narrow down the candidate to your desired ones. Without this procedure, you have to manually skim candidates according to education level, skill dimension, and capability. Moreover, without a job description, the candidate choosing process will be very time-consuming. On top of that, you might not get the right candidate you are looking for without describing the job requirements. The company act of Malaysia made it mandatory to describe job descriptions during the recruitment process.

Time to conduct interviews

Finally, it is time to face the candidates. Whether via online interview, face to face or through walk-in, interview is the way to understand and evaluate a candidate. Small business in Malaysia, however, goes through their own tailored way of selecting a candidate for their company. Although the bespoke process, the base remains all the same. An interview session is compulsory for almost all businesses. Judging the skill level of a company can be mostly estimated by conducting proper interviews. There are various ways of narrowing down the candidates through interview. For instance, if a candidate’s response is heavy, brief phone interviews or video interviews are time-saving processes. It must be noted that Malaysian companies consider an idol interview to have contents that test candidate’s diplomatic, intellectual, educational and skilled capabilities.

Select deserving candidate

Once done with the interview sessions, deserving candidates need to be shortlisted. Malaysian companies prefer contacting referees with permission. This ensures that the candidates are genuine and the credentials given are true.  The referees also indicate that the past experiences a person claimed to have is real and not fake. In Malaysia, a second step many companies carry out a second interview on the shortlisted candidate to find the right employee they were looking for.  This further sieve out the more preferable staff for the company. If you want multiple workers for your company, a second interview session might not be necessary. Keep in mind every interview arrangement demands time and certain budgets. Once you found the right employee, communicate with him/her and confirm the position in an official manner in case not announced clearly before. It is wise to discuss brief benefits and company facilities at this phase to keep the candidate’s interest strong regarding this position.

Negotiate job offers with minute details

It is necessary to take opinions from the selected candidate too. Upon his/ her assertive response to the next stage of confirming the recruitment process takes place. Malaysian small business companies often prepare employee appointment documents and make a copy of company rules and policies for the new candidate to give an overview of the company. At this point, the company can invite the candidate for remuneration and salary negotiations discussion.  The Malaysian trade and law deployment authority suggest fair employee remuneration policies. Keep in mind that, here in Malaysia, employee’s salary depends upon his/her capability and contribution towards the company.

There are several other steps of recruiting the right employee for your company. Small businesses in Malaysia often looks for a smart, dynamic and skilled employee who can eventually flourish the company in the future. To know more about employee recruitment processes, as well small business plans in Malaysia and stay connected. Always remember, an efficient employee can bring success to your company but an inefficient staff can do just the opposite of your business. So, be wise during hiring employees for your company.