profitable small business ideas and investment opportunities in Thailand

7 profitable small business ideas and investment opportunities in Thailand


Most of us have heard of Thailand because of tourism. Thailand is a country which is known as a tourist destination in Southeast Asia. From one side of the Bay of Bengal, Thailand’s beaches attract millions of tourists every year. Temperatures are modest for most of the year and this is another reason why people prefer to stay there longer than prescribed. Bangkok, the famous city of Thailand is a tourist destination for many of us and attracts many businesses. In this article I have compiled the top 7 most profitable and new small business ideas for Thailand that you can start this year i.e. 2018.

Here are the 7 most profitable small business ideas and opportunities for Thailand.

1. Food Processing:

Tourists love the surrounding areas and look for delicious food. The food processing industry has a very prominent role in Thailand. If one knows that the country attracts tourists from all over the world, then all these tourists are well aware that they need different types of food. Some foods can be processed in Thailand and some foods are imported from other countries. Some capital can be invested in this food processing business.

2. Chef Service:

If you have food, you definitely need someone to cook food. There is a chain of hotels and restaurants that serve delicious food to the tourists. Some restaurants work with local chefs, but standard restaurants employ highly trained and professional chefs who are experts in their field. You can outsource cooks to different parts of the country. For this you need to create a network chain so that restaurants can contact the cooks instead of their own advertisements. You can take a good percentage of what you earn.

3. Hospitality and accommodation services:

As one knows, thousands of hotels and restaurants are essential for their daily functioning. Towels, pillow covers, bed sheets, mattresses, furniture, utensils, geysers, ACs, televisions, fridges, electrical appliances, plumbing appliances and many other items needed in hotels, lodges or restaurants can be supplied from business houses.

4. Company providing professional photographers:

Many tourists come here for their honeymoon, anniversary, wedding and more. Such special events are memorable and many people want to capture it in photographs and video graph. Sites in Thailand are breathtaking, encouraging tourists to visit professional photographers. You can open professional services that provide photographers for these tourists. Professional photography costs a lot to get you good returns. You only need to invest once in camera equipment and photographers. Each trip with photographers’ costs $ 1500–2000. If your business grows over time you will have very good returns.

5. Digital Marketing and Web Designing Services:

With the changing times, every tourist who visits any tourist place uses online portal and application to search for any service. Every service, from cab booking, ticket booking, food order, hotel booking, is now online. Business in Thailand is now flourishing digitally and online. Most of them are building their own apps and websites. You can open a digital marketing and web designing company that can create websites and applications for businesses. You can provide additional services such as management, digital marketing SEO services and more.

6. Customized Restaurant:

In Thailand, as mentioned earlier, tourists come from all over the country. Many of them try local foods, but there are many who like to go for their regular regional food. You can focus on some such customized food and open a good restaurant in a crowded area. An example might be an Indian restaurant with North Indian, South Indian and Western food. Chinese food, Brazilian food and their favorites. Opening such restaurants with regional influence such as Brazilian or Italian names, themes, settings and language attract customers from these locations. This works a lot because people are attracted to their own goods in places outside their country.

You can also hire employees from their specific language or country to attract customers. There are many such restaurants around the world that attract fellow countrymen.

7. Event and show organizer:

Most tourists visiting places like Thailand attend regional festivals such as dance, music and their favorites. You can be an event manager who specializes in events based on different themes. Many visitors like to attend a regional Thai concert, where local Thai dances and music are performed. Similarly, Asian people.