Malaysia Visa For Indians

Malaysia Visa For Indians


Malaysia Visa For Indians has been one of the main demanding destinations among other countries in the world. Indian visitors have been frequently visiting the country. It is said that the visa provided for Indians can be done through electronic visa (eVisa) which can be done through Electronic Travel Registration and Information Visa (eNTRI Visa). An Indian citizen who wants to travel in the country for 15 days will be recommended to Apply Malaysia Visa For Indians eNTRI visa.

It should be noted that eNTRI visa and tourist e-Visa are single entry visas.

Documents required to submit:

  • Valid passport copy which at least 6 months after the entry in Malaysia
  • Passport size photo taken within 6 months
  • Travel itinerary which shows the flight details also the confirmation details of flight return date and time.
  • Accommodation and booking details.
  • Birth certificate for underage children.
  • Documents to exhibit after the arrival in Malaysia are as follows;
  • Printed eVisa PDF.
  • Sufficient funds such as cash, debit or credit card.
  • Host invitation letter.

Cost of entry visa:

  • The cost of this type of visa is USD 21.50
  • Malaysian tourist visa USD 45
  • Standard iVisa processing USD 35
  • Rush iVisa processing USD 65
  • Super Rush iVisa processing USD 85

Duration of visa process:

TYPE OF VISA eNTRI Tourist e-Visa
Standard Processing Time 1 business day 3 business days
Rush Processing 3 hours 2 business days
Super Rush Processing 30 minutes 24 hours

Validity of evisa:

  • Both eNTRI and Malaysian Tourist e-Visa are valid for 90 days after the issue of visa.
  • eNTRI visa only allows an applicant to stay for 15 days after coming to Malaysia.
  • The Malaysian tourist e-Visa will also allow maximum stay for at least 30 days.

Malaysia top visa services in India:

VFS global services:

This Malaysian visa center is there under the following regions in India which are;

  • Hyderabad (works at 6 days)
  • Bangalore (works at 6 days)
  • Kolkata (works at 6 days)
  • Chandigarh (works at 6 days)
  • Pune (works at all 7 days)
  • Ahmedabad (works at all 7 days)

Additionally, VFS also provides courier service to return the passport directly in applicants living place. The following regions where few places can apply for Malaysian visa in India are as follows;

Mumbai Ahmedabad and Pune
Chennai Hyderabad and Bangalore
Delhi Kolkata and Chandigarh

The VFS will also guide and help to fix an appointment


From Blinkvisa an applicant can get free Malaysia visa. Blinkvisa is an authorized visa agent where they guide the applicant to apply the Malaysian visa procedure. Blinkvisa not only provides visa services for Malaysia but a person can also a custom travel plan where the cash is refundable if they do not want to receive any services. The services help in booking hotels and every other requirement according to interest and likes of the customer.

The following regions are where Blinkvisa services are available in India;

  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai

Visa application:

There are two ways to apply Malaysia Visa For Indians which can be done manually through a consultant or another way is through online process. If the participant chooses to do visa manually then they will have to visit one-stop center (OSC) whish was established by the Malaysian Government.

But it is recommended to apply online for participant who would like to go to short-term or social trip to Malaysia.

Procedure of OSC:

It is the one-stop center which is also the manual application service. the following are the procedures;

  • After visiting OSC Malaysia the applicant needs to pay a certain amount of fee to get the application form
  • Once the application form is filled the submission should be done with other documents
  • Next a payment of OSC service fee and visa processing fee should be done through DD
  • When the visa is accepted to collect, the applicant will have to get the visa after- working days

Malayisan eVisa

Applying online is the best method in Malaysia. The eVisa is available in India from March 2017.

There are 3 types of eVisas which are;

  • Single Entry Visa: Which is available for 30days. This visa is allowed for Malaysia only.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: The period of time for this visa is from 30-90 days. Within the period of time the applicant can go and come back and forth to Malaysia
  • eNTRI Visa: It is the best way of visa where it is valid for 15 days and also available for Indian Citizens.

Additional cost and duration details as follows;

Total days of Stay 15 days only 30 days 30 days
Visa Fee (INR)  2390  3585  3785
Single Entry/ Multiple Entry Single Entry Only  A Single Entry Only Multiple Entry
Can enter from? India, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei Any Country Any Country
Days before application 1 to 2 working days 2 to 7 working days 2 to 7 working days

Malaysian work visa for Indians

  • To work in Malaysia a person should at least be 27 years old and 23 years to work in an IT field.
  • Passport holder valid for 18 months.
  • The minimum salary which is required to be earned in Malaysia is RM 5000
  • The applicant should know that the company is recognized enough and also eligible to recruit foreign workers.
  • After that it is the responsibility of the company to apply visa
  • The applicant needs to expatriate services divisions website and register themselves
  • The company will have to submit the applicant’s application
  • When the visa is granted it will be given by 5-6 days

Duration of work

The duration depends on the type of work visa applied. There are 3 types of work visa;

  • Employment Pass: This type of work visa allows the applicant to work form 2-5 years
  • Temporary Employment Pass: This visa is valid from 6 months to 2 years
  • Professional Visit Pass: This work visa is approved for expatriates where the period is for 6 months.

Duration of grant for Indians to work in Malaysia

There are two ways foe a visa period.

  • Firstly, the Malaysian embassy needs to stamp their approval on the applicant’s visa which takes around 5-6 days
  • Second, the visa has to be granted by Expatriate Services Division and Immigration Department in Malaysia where there will be a time taken for 4-5 weeks. Therefore, it is stated to not leave Malaysia before the above period.

Malaysian student visa for Indians

Indians are eligible to apply for student visa. Some of the requirement are as follows;

  • There should be minimum 12 years of continuous academic experience
  • The students should take a national recognized exam such as GRE, GMAT, etc. where these exams are reputed under the Ministry of Education in India
  • But if the student in India has studied in an English medium education, them GRE, GMAT, etc. are not required
  • As per the Malaysian visa any student should attain an IELTS score of 6.0

Student Visa application process

  • The applicants should apply through the Education Malaysia Visa For Indians website and the education submit to the university shortlisted.
  • A student can also apply for an educational institute according to their choice and can receive a student pass form the director of pass and permit division in Malaysia
  • It will take 7 working days for the confirmation of application process
  • The institution will then give an approval letter form the Immigration Office which will be received through email
  • After the email then the other documents should be submitted to the nearest Malaysian embassy and receive the stamp of approval
  • Lastly, the applicant needs to submit the passport to the Immigration Department of Malaysia after reaching Malaysia where the department will stick a student pass certificate in the passport. This procedure will be done in 2 weeks.

Fee for student visa

  • Personal document fees that range from RM 300-1500
  • The university application fee for RM 200 (the cost varies depends on the university)
  • Health insurance package RM 500-850
  • Visa fees for RM 15-90
  • Student pass fee for each year RM 60.


  1. Is it hard to get a Malaysia visa for Indians?
  2. No, but it is a demanding visa to get
  3. What is iVisa?
  4. It is an additional service fee where an applicant gives to receive the visa faster than the usual time
  5. Is there an age limit for a person to apply for Malaysian visa?
  6. Yes, an age limit is there depends on the type of visa taken
  7. Is there electronic or online visa for Indians?
  8. Yes, there is electronic visa (eVisa) and online application process which I recommended specially for a short visit period of time.
  9. Should an applicant take IELTS exam?
  10. Yes, it ia a must to take English proficiency test for any type of Malaysian visa.