Malaysian's guide to company registration of Sdn Bhd on Online

Malaysia’s guide to company registration of Sdn Bhd on Online


This is simply the total do-it Malaysian guide for organization enlistment with SSM through the MyCoID entryway to set up a Sdn Bhd on the web.

Sdn Bhd is the most well-known business element among the 6 sorts of organization enlistment accessible in Malaysia, where a normal of 3,900 nearby organizations was enrolled every month in 2019. Since the execution of the Companies Act 2016, one of the key updates is that the organization enrollment of Sdn Bhd should be possible online through the MyCoID gateway oversaw by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Qualification to enroll a Sdn Bhd organization

You may enroll a Sdn Bhd as the sole chief and investor, giving the accompanying conditions are satisfied:

18 years of age or more
living in Malaysia
not excluded under Section 198 of the Companies Act 2016.

Reports required

It will be helpful on the off chance that you can sort out a few significant data about your organization ahead of time prior to enrolling your organization.

IC for MyCoID account approval
Approval letter if your proposed organization name contains controlled words or brand name.

Installment required

The SSM charges a consolidation expense of RM1,010 (comprehensive of assessment).

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Record enlistment on the MyCoID entryway

Register a record on the MyCoID entrance as an individual client.

  1. Record actuation at the SSM counter

After actuating the record through email, you will get one more email with directions to approve your enrollment at the closest SSM counter.

  1. Login accreditations got through email

After the SSM has actuated your record, you will get an email to make login accreditations on the MyCoID entrance.

  1. Proposed organization name search

To begin with, the organization enrollment measure, go to the Direct Incorporation Application on the MyCoID entry landing page to complete the name search by entering in the proposed organization name that you need. * You won’t have the option to continue if the proposed organization name is taken, saved by others or contains precluded words.

  1. Enter other data under name search

To enlist a Sdn Bhd, the accompanying data should be chosen under name search:



Organization SubType: SDN. BHD.

  1. Explain your proposed organization name in the Super Form

Next, you will be diverted to the Super Form where you should explain the significance behind the proposed organization name. In the event that the proposed organization name contains names of states, controlled words or brand name, you should append an approval letter from the separate power or proprietor.

  1. Business code choice and portrayal

At that point, select a business code that is identified with your business, and furnish the depiction along with the enrolled address and work locale of the organization.

  1. Chiefs and investors data

Naturally, you are consequently recorded as a chief and investor of the organization, yet you can add chiefs and investors in the following stage. Other than that, state whether you have workers in the organization under Information To Agency area.

  1. Application accommodation

In the wake of checking on the data on the seepage, present the application and you will be diverted to the Transaction page.

  1. Installment of consolidation expense

Pay the consolidation expense of RM1,010 (comprehensive of assessment) and get an exchange receipt.

  1. Notice of Registration as confirmation of consolidation got through email

You will get the Notice of Registration as confirmation of consolidation through email inside 1 business day if your organization has been endorsed by the SSM Online Registration System. A Company Certificate can be bought with an endorsed charge at the SSM counter on the off chance that it is required. * You will be informed through email if the application is questioned by the SSM. The application can be altered and resubmitted once more.

Extra: Within 30 days of accepting the Notice of Registration, an organization secretary ought to be named. It very well may be done on the MyCoID entryway. While it isn’t obligatory for a Sdn Bhd organization to hold up a constitution of the organization, it tends to be done on the MyCoID gateway also and need to check company registration number in Malaysia.

Would it be advisable for me to enlist the organization myself or get an organization secretary to do it for me?

It is conceivable to experience the whole organization enrollment measure, from making a MyCoID record to getting the Notice of Registration, without help from anyone else without outside assistance. The SSM has all the fundamental data with respect to organization enlistment on their site and their officials are useful in addressing questions that you may have. That being stated, there are a few snags you may confront in the event that you select to enlist your organization without anyone else:

Time and energy devouring

It will occupy a ton of time and energy to enroll a MyCoID account as you need to visit the SSM counter subsequent to initiating your record through email for your personality approval. You would need to experience the SSM rules on naming your organization and sort out the correct business nature your organization falls under. With a company secretary in malaysia, you don’t need to make a MyCoID account. Besides, they can exhort you on choosing an organization name and other data identified with your organization.

Absence of data about beginning an organization

Business people beginning their organization unexpectedly experience a different learning measure, hampered by an absence of data on the web. You may have inquiries regarding choosing the underlying settled up capital of the organization, adding chiefs or investors later on, and obligatory consistency to follow. An organization secretary can clear up your questions through a call or an in-person meeting. Subsequently, it is prudent to look for a proficient meetings to ensure the organization enrollment measure is smooth.

Obligatory necessity to select an organization secretary

It is a necessity for all Sdn Bhd organizations to choose an organization secretary within 30 days of fruitful organization enrollment. Henceforth, it is prescribed to draw in with an organization secretary from the earliest starting point of the organization enlistment cycle to spare yourself the issue of approving your MyCoID account without anyone else. Organization secretaries in Malaysia typically charge an assistance expense of between RM500 to RM2,000 for Malaysian chiefs and investors, restrictive of the SSM’s joining expense. Letting the organization secretary handle your organization enlistment permits you to zero in on your business.

Disclaimer: Information gave in this article is for general reference as it were. It would be ideal if you look for exhortation from organization secretary, legal counselor or different experts as indicated by your business’ requirements.