The Central Statistics Mauritius

The Central Statistics Mauritius – National statistical agency


The Statistics Mauritius is officially known as Central Statistics Office (CSO) which is the national statistics agency of the country. It was formed in 1945 under the Government of Mauritius. Its headquarters is situated in Port Louis, Mauritius. Currently the total number of employees are 250 who are under the Agency Executive and Director, Harish Bundhoo.

It is functioned under aegis of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. It is responsible for every statistical event except for fisheries and health statistics which is take care by the ministry, statistics for banking and balance of payment is taken under Bank of Mauritius which is responsible for the payment.

According to the Statistics Act No. 38 of 2000, the statistics of the country is the constitute of the central statistics authority and depository of all officials statistics which is executed in the country where these are collected, compiled, analyzed, disseminate accurate, relevant, timely and highly quality statistics and related information on social, demographic, economic and financial activities to serve the needs of private and public users.

Events by the central statistics office

The African Statistics Day (ASD) is celebrated every year on 18th November. It is celebrated for the purpose of increasing public awareness which shows the importance of social and economic life of the countries and continents. Statistics Mauritius conducts the workshop on every year at the day of ASD celebration where each year the theme of the Statistics Mauritius changes every year.

Publications of Mauritius statistics:

  • Monthly Reports
  • Economic and Social Indicators
  • Digests of Statistics
  • Census and Survey Reports
  • Mauritius in Figures

Statistics reports:

  • Monthly Trade Statistics Bulleting
  • Social Security Statistics
  • Tourist Arrivals
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Digest of Industrial Statistics
  • Digest of Statistics on Rodrigues.