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The functions of a secretary according to the type of company


For the proper functioning of a company, regardless of its size, a group of professionals is needed who from their jobs help the company to achieve the proposed goals. The organization is key to the good management of a company, that is why most companies have a secretary who is in charge of different functions.

With the advent of the digital revolution, this job has not been eliminated but has simply been transformed; something we’ll talk about at the end of this article. However, before we know what are the functions of a secretary of a company in very specific sectors, what must be studied to successfully fulfill the functions of secretariat and how to find a secretary job.

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Functions of a management secretary

  • Review the suitability of the documents. Throughout the day a secretary can work with a large number of different documents. If these documents come from different departments of the company, suppliers or clients, the executive secretary must evaluate the importance of each document to be managing them with her superior in order of importance.
  • Creation of presentations. Board members are expected to present their results or proposals in writing using multimedia presentations. A managing secretary must ensure that all documents presented do not contain grammatical or spelling errors. If for any reason you feel that the content is inappropriate, you can discuss this with your manager.
  • Organization of your workspace. The workspace of a management secretary should always be clean and organized to show a professional and prepared environment.
  • Welcome people to meet with the principal. In case you are busy, you should offer them a place to sit while they wait and coffee or some snack.
  • At times, the management secretary may have to respond to emails from company employees, suppliers, or customers.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of what you see, read or hear in your office. Possibly the discretion of a management secretary will be what keeps her job for a long time.
  • Remind your manager of your schedule daily in person, by email or using social media.

Duties of a senior management secretary

  • Generally, the executives of a company tend to travel frequently, so one of the functions of a senior management secretary is to organize the trips of her boss such as schedules, plane tickets, accommodation, appointments, itineraries, etc.
  • Communication with the rest of the company’s departments is essential. The secretary must ensure that those responsible for the different sections of the company are updated on the business movements that will be carried out in the short, medium or long term.
  • Coordinate appropriate schedules based on the director’s job duties. This role of a top management secretary is essential in Malaysia so that business days are not overloaded with meetings.
  • Mastering the latest technologies, especially computer programs related to the administrative functions of a secretary.
  • Work independently by anticipating your boss’s needs.
  • At times, a senior secretary may have to accompany her boss during business trips.

Functions of a management secretary in a company

  • Review the correspondence of the management of a company and communicate effectively with other employees and suppliers and / or customers.
  • Ensure that the company complies with certain legal obligations by checking the adequacy of a wide variety of documents.
  • Keep an effective record checking that your boss’s meetings are well scheduled and do not interfere with other duties.
  • Send agendas and reports.
  • Check that the agreed actions are carried out.
  • Have an updated agenda including company workers, customers and suppliers.

What to study to be a secretary

For secretarial functions to be carried out properly, this profession requires basic knowledge that is received at different universities, professional training centers or through secretarial courses. For example, one option is to complete the 1,300 hours of study required for the Higher Technical Secretarial vocational training degree. Regarding the courses, you can also complete an administrative assistant, assistant director or secretarial course.


Remember that nowadays companies are more and more willing to expand their business internationally, so proficiency in English will always be an advantage if communication with foreign clients or suppliers is included among the secretarial functions.

How to find a secretary job

  1. One of the advantages of carrying out the functions of secretary is that in this profession you can find work with and without previous experience. Obviously, the economic conditions will be better if the person has previous experience in the secretarial area. Regardless of your previous work experience, the process for finding a secretary job is the same:
  2. First, you need to write a good resume focused on the secretarial sector. It is preferable that this document does not occupy more than one page and that it has a professional style. Its most important sections are personal information, experience and educational training. Remember that you should always check your CV several times to be sure that it does not contain grammar or spelling errors.
  3. Along with your CV, you can attach a cover letter that highlights 2 or 3 professional achievements that you have achieved in the past. The objective of this document is not to repeat what is said in the curriculum, but to complement it to attract the attention of the human resources team.
  4. If your secretary profile matches what the company needs, you will be contacted for an interview in which you will have to answer common questions from a personal interview. During this phase, you can bring letters of recommendation that demonstrate your skills as a secretary.

Finally, the day after your interview, you can email a thank you letter to thank the human resources team for the time they dedicated to you.

Increase in demand for virtual secretary

Finally, we want to show you an option that more and more companies use: the virtual secretary. In this case, the employee does not work directly in the company’s offices but remotely. The functions of the virtual secretary are practically the same as those of the traditional secretary. However, this option can offer more advantages to the professional (possibility of working from anywhere in the world) and to the company (cost reduction).