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Political Stability

Botswana has effectively held eleven general races since its autonomy in 1966. Each multi party political decision has kept up sacred arrangements for a free and reasonable cycle. As Africa’s longest standing majority rules system, political solidness is a vital boost for interest in Botswana.

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Safety and security

Safety and security

Botswana is perhaps the most secure and safe nations in Africa and looks well worldwide for low crime percentages and the standard of law. Very much prepared law requirement conveys the most recent wrongdoing avoidance systems and hardware, and as such the nation has almost no presentation to enormous scope security concerns, for example, psychological oppression, cybercrime, and tax evasion.


Global investigations have reliably positioned Botswana among the world’s most un-degenerate nations, a standing strengthened both by open, private and metro against defilement organizations and by a profoundly imbued hostile to debasement culture in the nation’s financial areas. Botswana has the most un-degenerate government in Africa, which expands the security of the speculation climate.

Top sovereign credit rating

Top sovereign credit rating

Botswana has for quite some time been among the high level FICO assessments for both financial viewpoint and political dependability around the world. In Standard and Poor’s 2018 evaluations Botswana was appraised ‘A-‘ and ‘A 2’ for the long and present moment individually, in view of a solid government asset report, a very much oversaw economy and a long record of political dependability.

Stable inflation

A significant part of the nation’s full scale financial approach has been to accomplish a low, steady and unsurprising degree of swelling to keep up the economy’s worldwide seriousness while safeguarding an incentive for unfamiliar speculators and homegrown organizations. Botswana’s fascination rate has been kept up generally inside set boundaries in the long haul and is right now encountering a descending pattern since the worldwide downturn.



The World Bank‘s Doing Business report and the World Economic Forum‘s Global Competitiveness report both feature the relatively low degrees of tax collection in Botswana as a motivation to venture. Lately, this position has been additionally combined by monetary changes to disentangle the tax collection system and techniques for installment.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

Botswana has encountered quick development in its ICT area, driven by open and private area speculations adding up to billions of Pula. Botswana keeps on encountering a positive upward advancement of the ICT area, driven by solid innovative work activities that position Botswana towards turning into an information driven economy by 2036.

Botswana positions 104 out of 143 nations in the worldwide Network Readiness list of 2017. This file takes a gander at different sub pointers going from the ICT Environment, ICT Readiness (Infrastructure and computerized content), Affordability, Skills, Usage and Socio-monetary effect. In her work to make reasonable monetary enhancement activities in the ICT area, the Government of Botswana has put resources into building a best in class Science and Technology Park created and oversaw by the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) whose sole order is to add to the nation’s financial turn of events and seriousness by making new logical, mechanical, and native information based business opening and Register A Limited Liability Company in Botswana. BIH likewise has the duty of increasing the value of existing organizations, encouraging business ventures and innovation moves, producing information based positions, and pulling in innovative organizations and foundations to the Hub.



Since Independence, Botswana has put intensely in the cross country improvement of essential and optional foundation, developing and actualizing a-list streets, dams, power and ICT establishments to metropolitan, rustic and vacationer zones. Since 2009, Botswana has focused on interest in framework, helping recuperation of the economy from the worldwide downturn. As of now, the public authority keeps on propelling activities delineated in its continuous National Development Plan, including support and booked upgrades. Botswana has 971 kilometers (603 miles) of rail lines, 18,482 kilometers (11,484 miles) of streets (of which just 23 percent are cleared), and 92 air terminals, of which 12 have cleared runways.

The public aircraft is Air Botswana, which flies locally and to different nations in Africa. Direct air administration from Gaborone to London and Paris is given by British and French carriers. Botswana has put resources into accomplishing great streets and administrations foundation through income created from the mining business. The closeness of Botswana to South Africa has permitted Botswana to get to the powerful media communications framework of South Africa through entryways toward South Africa’s remote ocean optic fiber network that associates South Africa to the remainder of the world. Botswana’s longing to turn into a global monetary administrations place looks to draw in FDI through serious motivations offered to IFSC and BPO speculation organizations that wish to move their tasks to Botswana which has an adaptable pool of taught and talented work.


Institutional help in Botswana ensures speculators insurance and motivating force because of smoothed out guideline rehearsals. The nation’s organizations have been created through worldwide benchmarking and broad discussion and accordingly, the nation receives the reward of a venture and exchange focus, a monetary administrations community, a monetary insight office, an opposition authority, a nearby endeavor authority, and a bookkeeping oversight authority.

Investor protection

Botswana has executed practices in its lawful code for more than 40 years to ensure speculator insurance, taking into account a serious and open financial specialist market. The nation is a signatory to the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and different arrangements that guarantee greatest security for speculators.

Accessing credit

Accessing credit

Botswana’s monetary and capital business sectors are among the most refined in Africa, flaunting various homegrown organizations and provincial workplaces of multinationals. A new Rand Merchant Bank study put Botswana among the best five African nations in openness to bank advances, while the World Enterprises Survey demonstrated that Botswana flaunts the most elevated rate in Africa of firms with credit extensions.

Trading across borders

Botswana’s geological closeness to provincial monster South Africa positions the nation well for speculators in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a land connected nation, Botswana has encountered exchanging difficulties because of the significant expense of cross outskirt exchange and transportation. To cure these difficulties, impressive interest in framework and territorial exchange approaches has improved Botswana’s serious exchanging position and raised the nation to be the center of Southern African exchange. Trans-provincial roadways, railroads, air terminals and productive fringe control systems all add to Botswana’s serious exchanging position.

High Net Worth market

In spite of a generally little populace of 2.4 million, Botswana’s customers comprise a High Net Worth Market. The nation’s per capita GDP has ascended from an expected US$70 at Independence in 1966, to arrive at US$7,877 in 2017. The nation’s administration, private area and family units can pay for high worth products, reflected in late fast improvement of the retail area.

Literate population

Literate population

Botswana’s proficiency rate is 88.2% for residents matured 15 or more, a figure that reflects predictable interest in instruction. This makes Botswana Africa’s twelfth most proficient country, a critical accomplishment given the generally low admittance to essential and auxiliary instruction at Independence. Grown-up education rate is the level of individuals ages 15 or more who can, with getting, peruse and compose a short, basic proclamation on their regular daily existence. Youth education rates are 96.15% and 99.58% for guys and females in like manner. The general youth proficiency rate is 97.85%. Youth proficiency rate definition covers the populace between the ages of 15 to 24 years.

Skilled population

The nation has created critical human asset abilities in the mining, development, monetary administrations, the travel industry and travel areas. Botswana keeps on broadening its economy and advantages from capable and talented people in key monetary areas. An organization of neighborhood and global colleges and schools, just as accreditation and confirmation bodies guarantee that aptitudes quality fulfills world guidelines, while government strategy guarantees that the abilities being created coordinate industry prerequisites.

Labour relations

Labour relations

Relations among bosses and workers in Botswana have been grounded and comparative with the remainder of Africa, are affable and stable. In both people in general and private areas, various administrative authorizations and three sided arrangements direct question goals, bringing about a low degree of work related debates and open exchanges with associations.

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